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Welcome to CefMAT

The Cefas Marine Assessment Tool has been developed to support scientists deliver national and international assessments for the protection and conservation of our seas. It enables scientists and marine assessors to efficiently produce quality, bespoke assessments.

It enables rapid integration and visualisation of multi-platform, multi-parameter and multi-national data, at a national and regional scale which users can query and generate assessment outputs, graphs, time-series plots, bespoke assessment maps, and generate reporting material. It delivers transparent, auditable, cost-effective policy-relevant information, e.g. suitable for assessing good environmental status. Further services are available to assessors for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the Oslo and Paris Convention for the protection and conservation of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR).

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Functions & features

Web-based services for its users.

CefMAT provides a suite of web-based services to its users. Registered users will have access to different functionality depending on the requirements and permissions to generate assessment outputs.

CefMAT is administered by Cefas. To become a registered user, you will require a username and password. Please contact Cefas for further information.

Build online queries

Interactive query tool.

CefMAT provides interactive pages to handle detailed and specific queries to generate data products.

Users can select

  • the type of data they are interested in
  • when and where the data was collected
  • the statistics used to summarise or analyse the data and,
  • how the data is visualised (maps, graphs or tables)

Registration is required for access to some datasets.

Data outputs

The Assessment tool allows users to generate data outputs and products from the query of different data sets.

The metadata associated with each dataset details the data owners and any processing that has been applied during import. Registered users are also able to export the data outputs for inclusion into reports or presentations.

CefMAT outputs are transparent and traceable back to their source. All metadata, datasets details and information on how the data was processed is available for each query. Registered users are also able to export the data outputs for inclusion into reports or presentations.

View maps & graphs

Data outputs generated as Maps & Graphs.

CefMAT allows users to apply different functionalities to visualise and integrate data outputs generated from a variety of sources in the form of charts/graphs and maps.

Registered users may have access to functionalities to produce assessment maps that are policy-relevant. These are maps customised to address specific assessments requirements in compliance with formally agreed procedures and protocols for MSFD and OSPAR.

Defra and Cefas are committed to complying with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 that govern the processing of personal data.


Use by you of the data (which includes model outputs and simulations) on this site is entirely at your own risk and is undertaken in accordance with the User Licence.